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Alter G is a treadmill technology that takes rehabilitation and training to a whole new level. The magic behind the Alter-G's technology is air pressure that has an anti-gravity effect. This reduces the user's body weight, but still allows for full range of motion. Almost anyone can benefit from the effects of exercising at a reduced weight.
The Institute for Athletic Medicine (IAM) provides certified athletic trainers to Twin Cities metro area high schools and sporting events. Our athletic trainers have expertise and training in injury prevention, treatment and reconditioning.
Blood flow restriction (BFR) training utilizes a personalized tourniquet system (PTS) to partially restrict blood flow to the working muscle while fully restricting blood flow back to the heart for a short period of time during low-intensity exercise.
While cyclists ride for different reasons — recreation, transportation, competition or fitness — there is one theme common to most: a desire to cycle. At the Institute for Athletic Medicine, we share your passion and have developed CycleFit, an injury treatment and prevention program designed for cyclists of all abilities, from recreational to racer.
The Institute for Athletic Medicine is dedicated to meeting the distinctive health care needs of artists and performers. The Dance Program offers specialized exercise programs to help treat and prevent injuries. Our therapists work with you and your physician to develop an exercise and treatment program tailored to your needs, to get you back to the dance you love.
Dry needling is a form of manual therapy in which fine needles are inserted into myofascial trigger points, tendons, ligaments, or near nerves in order to stimulate a healing response in musculoskeletal conditions. It is used to treat dysfunctions in muscle, connective tissue and diminish nociceptive (pain) input. Our specifically trained providers will use dry needling, in conjunction with exercises and other interventions, to get you better, faster, and back to the things you love to do.
Our team of physical therapists has specialized training to help you understand and take control of your diabetes and related conditions and reduce the impact of these conditions through improved physical activity.
The Golf Program is a specialized rehabilitation program designed to put injured amateur and competitive golfers back on the course, playing the game that they love. With an understanding of the unique biomechanical requirements and demands of the game, physical therapists from the Institute for Athletic Medicine work with you for quick and effective rehabilitation.
Manual therapy has been shown to be an important aspect of your overall plan of care. In comparisons of those individuals who are prescribed exercise alone versus those who also receive manual therapy, the group receiving both often has better outcomes. Our providers pair manual therapy with exercises and patient education to quickly best treat your condition and get you back to the things you love to do.
Mechanical diagnosis and therapy (MDT) is a philosophy of care which involves active patient involvement and education. It is an evidenced based approach that is trusted and used by practitioners and patients all over the world for neck, back and extremity problems. MDT’s key distinction is the initial assessment component – a safe and reliable means to accurately reach a diagnosis and only then make the appropriate treatment plan.
Next Step is a five-week 10-session sports rehabilitation program that bridges the gap between in-clinic sports injury rehabilitation and return to high-intensity sport activities.
As Nordic skiers, our physical therapists understand the unique mechanics and musculoskeletal demands of Nordic skiing when treating the injured skier, in and out of season. We have developed a specialized Nordic Ski Rehabilitation Program that takes into consideration the specific elements and demands of the sport while recovering from acute to chronic injuries.
Physical therapy is at the core of what our team does each and every day. Physical therapists (PTs) are health care professionals who treat people for muscle, bone and joint conditions that limit their ability to move and perform activities in their daily lives or in sports. Physical therapy is used to help people return to work and play after an injury, surgery, or illness.
Pilates is a method of body conditioning that uses a unique system of strengthening, stretching and breathing to develop the powerhouse, or “core” of the body: abdominals, low back, gluteals and supporting muscle groups that include inner and outer thighs, pelvic floor and the upper back.
Most runners have a few simple goals: Run better. Run farther. Run faster. Run without pain. At the Institute for Athletic Medicine, our running program experts understand these goals. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or training to prevent one, our running specialists help you stay in top form.
The thrower's injury program aims to return injured athletes to their sport at or above their previous level of performance. With an understanding of the unique mechanical requirements of throwing, physical therapists develop an individualized return-to-throwing program to improve strength, mobility and throwing mechanics to prevent further injury. The return to peak performance requires involvement of coaches, athletic trainers and parents.
Changes in a woman’s body brought about by pregnancy, aging or illness often result in discomfort, loss of mobility and lifestyle changes. Pelvic pain and dysfunction may occur throughout all stages of a woman’s life. The Women’s Health Program at the Institute for Athletic Medicine offers specialized physical therapy and exercise programs to help treat or prevent these problems. Our physical therapists work with you and your physician to develop an exercise and treatment program tailored to your needs, including access to education materials for home use.
To promote healing while recovering from an injury, our Yoga-based rehabilitation program compliments traditional rehabilitation. Our trained therapists take into consideration the person’s diagnosis, their Yoga practice and requirements of Yoga training. A comprehensive assessment is performed to analyze posture, assess breathing and joint mechanics, and identify muscle imbalances. The therapist then designs a customized Yoga based rehabilitation program.

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