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Most back problems result from cumulative stress, muscle weakness, and poor posture and body mechanics. Unless the underlying causes of low back problems are addressed, the risk of re-injury remains high.

Mechanical diagnosis and therapy (MDT) is a philosophy of care which involves active patient involvement and education. It is an evidenced based approach that is trusted and used by practitioners and patients all over the world for neck, back and extremity problems. MDT’s key distinction is the initial assessment component – a safe and reliable means to accurately reach a diagnosis and only then make the appropriate treatment plan.
Physical therapy is at the core of what our team does each and every day. Physical therapists (PTs) are health care professionals who treat people for muscle, bone and joint conditions that limit their ability to move and perform activities in their daily lives or in sports. Physical therapy is used to help people return to work and play after an injury, surgery, or illness.
Most runners have a few simple goals: Run better. Run farther. Run faster. Run without pain. At the Institute for Athletic Medicine, our running program experts understand these goals. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or training to prevent one, our running specialists help you stay in top form.
Changes in a woman’s body brought about by pregnancy, aging or illness often result in discomfort, loss of mobility and lifestyle changes. Pelvic pain and dysfunction may occur throughout all stages of a woman’s life. The Women’s Health Program at the Institute for Athletic Medicine offers specialized physical therapy and exercise programs to help treat or prevent these problems. Our physical therapists work with you and your physician to develop an exercise and treatment program tailored to your needs, including access to education materials for home use.

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Institute for Athletic Medicine - St. Anthony

2600 39th Avenue NE, Suite 220
St Anthony, MN, 55421

Appointments: 612-672-7100

Clinic: 612-789-0417

Fax: 612-789-0522

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