Women's Health

Changes in a woman's body brought about by pregnancy, aging or illness often result in discomfort, loss of mobility, and lifestyle changes. The Institute for Athletic Medicine offers specialized physical therapy and exercise programs designed for women's unique health needs.

Our specialized programs will help improve quality of life throughout all stages of a woman's life, from back pain during pregnancy to uncontrolled urine loss. Our physical therapists work with you and your doctor to develop an exercise and treatment program tailored to your needs, including education materials for home use.

Exercise during pregnancy
Many women want to continue their exercise programs during pregnancy, but aren't sure how to modify their activities or what activities to limit or avoid. Our physical ForWomenOnly-02therapists will work with you to tailor your exercise program to your needs and will discuss important exercise guidelines and precautions.

Back pain during pregnancy
Hormones, fluid retention and changing body alignment often contribute to back pain during pregnancy. To help minimize your discomfort, physical therapists will design a program for you emphasizing posture, body mechanics, muscle flexibility, strength and low-back or SI support when appropriate.

Incontinence/pelvic floor weakness
Childbirth, multiple deliveries, age, menopause or simply poor health can often leave pelvic floor muscles weak or nerve-damaged. A common result for many women is incontinence or involuntary urination. You don't have to live with incontinence, thanks to treatment programs designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. A range of options is available, including specialized exercise instruction, electrical stimulation and biofeedback for retraining affected muscles.

Pelvic pain 
Physical therapy may be a treatment option after a physician diagnoses your condition. Our therapists evaluate you for muscle imbalances. They assess your pelvic muscle strength and/or your ability to relax your pelvic floor muscles. Therapeutic care may include gentle massage to relieve soft tissue tension, biofeedback to re-train pelvic muscles and self-care strategies to reduce or eliminate pain.

Some women are at greater risk than others for developing osteoporosis, or thinning bones, as they age. As a result, they are at increased risk for poor posture, fractures and chronic pain. Physical therapists will work with you to design a regular, reasonable exercise program emphasizing posture, body mechanics, muscle strengthening and weight-bearing activities to minimize bone loss. 

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