Get Moving: Improving Health with Physical Activity

People with diabetes, arthritis, and other conditions can better control and reduce the impact of these conditions with increased physical activity. The rehabilitation experts at the Institute for Athletic Medicine can help. Our team has the background and knowledge to partner with you to create a customized activity program to help improve the management of your condition.   

Helping you become more active
Our physical therapists can help you become more active through the diabetes activity program offered by the Institute for Athletic Medicine. We will help you safely Diabetes-05incorporate activity into your lifestyle and provide you the tools and encouragement to make activity part of your life.

Working one-on-one in a medical setting, you will learn how to be active even with limited movement, pain or a pre-existing injury. Together we will create a customized activity plan that fits your lifestyle and physical ability.

The goal of the program is to educate you on the basics of activity, so that after just a few sessions with us you can be active on your own wherever or whenever it works for you.

Getting started
The first step is to determine your ability for activity. Once a baseline is established, a personalized activity program is designed to increase your endurance and strength. Throughout this process we will reinforce how to incorporate glucose monitoring to help you understand your body's response to activity. As you progress, light weight lifting and activities to improve balance may be added.

To schedule an appointment
We invite you to discuss the diabetes activity program with your provider, nurse or certified diabetes educator for a referral to the program. To schedule an appointment call 612-672-7100. 

Learn more
Check out this Physical Activity Quiz  by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) to learn more about the important role of activity for improved health.

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