While cyclists ride for different reasons — recreation, transportation, competition or fitness — there is one theme common to most: a passion to pedal. At the Institute for Athletic Medicine, we share your passion and have developed CycleFit, an injury treatment and prevention program designed for cyclists of all abilities, from recreational to racer.

Our physical therapists understand the unique biomechanical requirements of cycling. You’ll receive a comprehensive muscle, joint and bicycle evaluation to improveCycleFit-01 your cycling mechanics and reduce your risk of cycling-related injuries. The goal is to allow you to ride farther, faster and without pain.

We also work with cyclists interested in improving cycle-specific strength, flexibility, and performance. Cross-training and pre- and post-season recommendations are included in your consultation.

Evaluation and consultation options:

  • Examination and treatment of acute and chronic injuries that include low back pain, knee pain, iliotibial (IT) band syndrome, heel-cord inflammation, cervical pain and hand and/or foot numbness or tingling.
  • Cycling-specific muscle imbalance evaluation, including flexibility and strength-testing of low-back and abdominal muscles (core), buttocks, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves.
  • CycleFit assessment: Your success and comfort depend on how well your bike fits you. We perform a biomechanical assessment of your posture on your bike, including the fit of your seat, handlebar and stem, as well as the interface of your shoe, crank and pedals. We combine that with your ergonomic and aerodynamic body positioning on the bike. Based on our assessment, we will “fit” or make recommendations how to fit your bike to you for a more anatomically balanced and strength-oriented ride.
  • Cycling form video analysis: a frame-by-frame analysis of head and torso positioning; trunk stability; upper body placement; hip and knee alignment and pedal cadence to detect problems in cycling form.
  • Cycling-specific exercises to enhance strength, flexibility and muscle balance, minimizing re-injury or injury.
  • For more information about CycleFit call 612-821-4375.

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