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Institute for Athletic Medicine
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The Institute for Occupational Rehabilitation

The Institute for Occupational Rehabilitation specializes in rehabilitation primarily  for individuals with work related musculoskeletal injuries that limit their ability to fully perform their jobs. Services include evaluation, work conditioning, body mechanic training and job analysis. The program is based on evaluation of medical status, functional abilities and return-to-work goals. Clients participate in activities to improve endurance, muscle strength, mobility and general physical condition. Job simulated activities are performed to reduce the risk of re-injury following return-to-work and during daily activities. Extensive work site simulations are available, including the Twin Cities Railroad Simulation Center. Client referrals are coordinated with the entire care team including:

  • Referring physician 
  • Occupational health nurse or nurse case manager
  • Vocational counselors
  • Claims representatives
  • Employer representatives

Twin Cities Railroad Simulation Center

The Twin Cities Railroad Simulation Center was developed at the request of the railroad industry. As the only facility in Minnesota specifically designed for the railroad industry, the Center provides a unique environment for evaluation and treatment of injured railroad workers. The goal is to help injured railroad workers return to productive employment in a safe, timely and medically appropriate manner.

At the Center, actual railroad equipment, located in an outdoor setting, provides work simulation for many of the tasks of railroad employees. Clients progress from simple tasks to complex before advancing to actual work activities. The outdoor facility is equipped with railroad tracks, switches, ladders, brakes, hoses and cars. This realistic setting allows clients to perform job-related duties under the supervision of staff who are familiar with their work-related tasks.

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