Alter-G Anti-gravity Treadmill

A revolutionary approach to rehabilitation and training

The Institute for Athletic Medicine introduces Alter-G -- a new treadmill technology that takes rehabilitation and training to a whole new level. The magic behind the Alter-G's technology is air pressure that has an anti-gravity effect. This reduces the user's body weight, but still allows for full range of motion. Almost anyone can benefit from the effects of exercising at a reduced weight. Whether you are looking to increase your peak performance, recovering from an injury or surgery, or looking to build endurance and muscle mass, the Alter-G lets you work out with less stress on your joints.

The Alter-G can help you:
  • Maintain or restore your normal walking or running motion
  • Reach peak performance in sports
  • Recover from injuries and surgeries, including knee or hip replacement surgery
  • Increase heart and muscle health
  • Build endurance while minimizing joint stress and pain if you are overweight
  • Improve balance and confidence if you have mobility issues

You don't have to be an elite athlete or recovering from an injury to use the Alter-G. Anyone who wants to improve their overall health or is trying to move beyond a plateau in their weight loss or exercise regimen may find the Alter-G to be just extra push they need. Request a free, 10-minute, no hassle trial today! Call 612-672-7100 and experience the benefits of the Alter-G.

Using the Alter-G for the first time

Prior to using the Alter-G, you will receive a complete orientation. This teaches you how to raise and zip into the air chamber, start the machine, measure your body weight, adjust your weight to the desired level and select the speed and incline for your workout.

What to wear
When you prepare to run on the Alter-G, make sure you wear clean, comfortable athletic shoes with rubber or high-traction soles. Shoes with leather soles or heels are not allowed on the machine. Please make sure there are no rocks or dirt in the tread of your shoes.

The Alter-G works by partially suspending you in an air chamber. You will wear a special pair of shorts over your normal athletic shorts. The Alter-G shorts contain a special zipper that creates a seal between you and the machine. This allows air pressure to raise you slightly, decreasing your weight bearing. We recommend you wear athletic or compression shorts to help you more easily slide the Alter-G shorts over your clothing.

The Institute for Athletic Medicine offers two convenient payment plans for the AlterG. Pick the plan that works for you, and switch plans whenever you choose.

Monthly Membership 
Monthly membership offers the best value for those who plan to use the AlterG on a regular basis. Monthly members are able to work out on the AlterG for as long as they want when no other participants are waiting.
  • $75 3x/week no maximum time/session
  • $125 5x/week no maximum time/session

Per Minute 
Paying by the minute is a great option for those who aren't able to work out on a regular schedule.
  • $1/minute, 10 minute minimum     

There is no fee for using AlterG shorts

Bring a friend 
Refer a friend for a monthly membership and get a one-month membership for $50 for yourself. Ask clinic staff for details.  

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